lunedì 13 giugno 2011

League of Legends: Riot Points Generator & Hack Trainer | Free Download MultiHack v4.2

League of Legends, one of the first DOTA clones, have finally been hacked. LoL keeps much of their data on the server. There are a few tricks you can do by modifying the client. Since we’re the master of creating generators, we were able to make one of Riot Points.
With our generator you are able to generate $25 Riot Points card codes which can redeem in the store of League of Legends. We recommend you use the codes to buy only skins. You can use the hacks in the trainer to get champions, read below to find out more.
In our trainer, we included two possible hacks. The first one being the ability to play all the champions. Once you join a game, you will see you are able to see the whole list of champions and be able to select all of them. This hack manipulates the free week rotation bug.
The other hack included is the 0 IP Cost hack. It allows purchase any of the champions for free. This hack only works once per week. In other words, you can only buy 1 hero for free every week. It is another one of the rotation bug we found.
Here are the screenshots:

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